Brewing Tips

These recipees are guidelines provided by Dingemans Maltings. Some modifications may be required depending the used ingredients and the technological conditions of the brewery. Dingemans cannot be held responsible for the final beer quality.

Belgian Style - Oud Bruin Style (Soft Red Ale)

The Old Brown style of Flanders is a dark, full-bodied beer with a lot of soft maillard compound.
The special character of this beer comes from the dark malts, long boiling and top fermentation with a very moderate, mild Lactobacillus infection.

Belgian Style - Belgian Stout

Belgian stout is a unique beer between the Irish – British stout and the German – Austrian dark Beers.
The beer is still very drinkable, not a real full mouthfeel, and not sweet.  On the other hand the taste is not harsh or astringent.
Higher in alcohol and medium in bitterness, this beer is even for pale beer drinkers a great favorite.
It’s an ideal beer to play with a lot of Dark Dingemans’ malts.

Belgian Style - Belgian Pale Ale

Our Belgian Pale Ale is base don the original English ale as the bitter Indian Pale Ale (IPA).  IPA was brewed in London and in Burton-on-Trent.

Aound 1860 the Pale Ale style came back to Belgium; before 1700, ale was already brewed in Belgium, with hops and no gruut.
A Belgian Pale Ale is a top fermented beer, very clean, fruity-estery, fine, delicate and hoppy, with crispy dry finish from malt husk and mouthfeel hops compound.

Belgian Style Witbier - White Beer

Belgian Witbier is a top fermented turbid, easy drinkable beer.
Besides barley malt Witbier contains unmalted “hard” wheat, malted wheat and sometimes unmalted oats.

During boiling coriander seeds andbitter orange-curaçao peels are added.
The nose is pleasant because the esters (not clove-nose) are married with a touc of coriander and orange.  A stable turbidity is a sign of the brewmaster’s art.

Belgian Style Abbey / Trappist Triple – Tripel BLOND

The “Triple Trappist / Abbey ales” belong to the great beers of the world.
Very well balanced between a full maltiness mouthfeel, a hoppy flavor and a fruity ester aroma of the top fermentation.

Most tripels are so strong in aroma that tasters say: the splendid combination of yeast, malt and fruits nose
Triples are refermented in the bottle, with special sugars.  The alcohol content is increased by the addition of invertsugar in the copper.

See also Abbey/Trappist – Double.

Belgian Style Abbey / Trappist Dubbel –Double BROWN

This brown has an even more full-bodied, creamy-sweet mouthfeel.
The nose can have a specific orange-vanilla touch from the marriage of some brown sugar compound and the fermentation.

Brown Abbey ale is mainly refermented in the bottle.

See also Blond Dubbel Abbey / Trappist.

Belgian Style Abbey / Trappist Dubbel –Double BLOND

The “Dubbel” Abbey ale is a medium strong, blond, top fermented beer.

The beer that is today brewed in 7 monastic breweries (6 in Belgium, 1 in The Netherlands) is called Trapppist beer.  
Some abbey ales are brewed in standard breweries, with a licence of a monasterium, and must be called “Abbey ales” or “Abdijbier”.

The beer is full-bodied, with sweet mouthfeel and estery aroma, and refermented in the bottle.