Innovation and quality control

We still benefit today from the central geographical position of our malting house in the middle of the best barley growing region, with France, England and Denmark on our doorstep. Only 1 km away from the port of Antwerp we are flexible in our barley supplies.
Good malt starts with premium barley. Therefore all barley is checked in our lab. Important parameters are germination, protein, moisture, screening, visual looks…. and mycotoxines.
During malt production daily the steeped and germinating barley is checked. Quality control on the special malts especially during kilning, caramelizing and or roasting is necessary around the clock.

We try to combine modern techniques with a traditional concern for quality and service to our customers.
For example since 2008 our third roasting drum is operational.  Many efforts where done to make this drum a very low energy using drum. Since energy use is one of our main topics other investments in this direction are further planned.