The richness of Belgian malt tradition

Dingemans Belgian Speciality MaltsIn our kiln we make Pilsen malt, Ale, Munich, Amber and Aroma malt. In our roasting facility we caramelise barley and roast barley & wheat and their malts.
Our malt is used not only in Pilsen beer, but also in Trappist, Ale, White and Abbey beers. It is also an ingredient in the bakery industry.

De volle rijkdom van Belgische mout

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The experience of generations

AncestorThe Dingemans family has been producing an extensive range of basic ingredients for the demanding Belgian and European brewer ever since 1875.

Generaties ervaring

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Innovation and quality control

Innovation and quality controlWe owe it to ourselves, our employees, our customers, our experience and our long history to keep up our outstanding quality.
We are important players on the “speciality malts” market. Our drums are fully automatic, ensuring homogeneous saccharification and caramelisation of each batch.

Innovatie én kwaliteitscontrole

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