Mouterij Dingemans

The richness of Belgian malt tradition

Since 1875, the Dingemans family has been producing an extensive range of basic ingredients for the demanding Belgian and European brewer.

You have probably already tasted some of the great Belgian beers. As a supplier to most Belgian brewers, we are proud of our customers and the great beers they produce. Our malts are used in internationally renowned Trappist, Ale, Lambic, white- and abbey beers.

We are happy and grateful to make our contribution to these beers. Over the years we have distributed our malts further and further. Now brewers all over the world use our great Belgian malts.

The Experience of Generations

We (the Dingemans family) have malting in our blood. We have been a real family business since 1875 and are still 100% independent. The 5th generation is currently active in our malting company. Already more than 10 years ago Karl and Jan Dingemans took over from their father Alfons Dingemans.

  • 1875 Alexander Dingemans started with grain trading and the production of malt.
  • 1887 Alphons Dingemans continues the job.
  • 1890 Louis Dingemans started a series of expansions.
  • 1905 installation of a steam engine.
  • 1925 Installation of new gas generators and electrical motors.
  • 1960 Walter & Fons Dingemans take over the business and start a lot of innovations.
  • 1965 New steep vessels and germination - kiln boxes.
  • 1975 Water treatment plant and expansion of the number of silos.
  • 1990 Installation of the first roasting drum (2 Ton/batch).
  • 2000 Building of a new silo complex and a second roasting drum (2 Ton/batch).
  • 2008 Installation of the 3rd roasting drum (4 Ton/batch).
  • 2010 Karl & Jan Dingemans (5th generation) continue the work of their father.
  • 2014 Installation of CHP 1.
  • 2017 Starting the build of the Lausmann (maltstreet) complex.
  • 2019 Lausmann is ready for usage (inclusive CHP 2).
  • 2021 Installation of 750 solar panels.


3% of our electricity is generated by solar energy.

87% by the CHP’s

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Pilot projects


Use of alternative grains for the production of innovative beers from high quality. By alternative grains we mean the ancient wheats such as einkorn, emmer, khorasan (Kamut®), and spelt, the pseudo grains amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, as well as other grains such as sorghum, tritordeum and teff.

We focus on the malting of Einkoorn and Tritordeum.

Quality control

Control of the germination power (Grodex)

With this test we check how much % of the grains can germinate. The grains with a red dot are able to germinate.

Performing a malt analysis

We mimic the brewing process in our small mash baths. After filtering, we continue with the wort, on which we performe a complete malt analysis.

Follow-up of the malt germination

quality control device

With this device we measure the extract content, the viscosity and the pH.

5th generation

Karl Dingemans (right)

Has worked in the company since 1996. Started as a maltster in the production after which he took over the tasks from his father.
Mainly focuses on barley purchasing, sales and customer relations.

Jan Dingemans (LEFT)

Has worked in the company since 2006. Jan is responsible for production and technical matters in the malt house.




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