Pale Ale 9 MD

Wort colour: 
Type of malt: 
Kilned Malts

Our Pale Ale 9 MD malt is made from the finest 2-row European summer barley. It is fully modified, and receives longer and more intense kilning than our Pilsen MD malt. It lends a golden colour, complex malty character and exquisite body to the final product.


Thanks to optimal steeping and germinating conditions, homogenous modification is ensured. Because of this, our Pale Ale 9 MD malt can be used in 1- or multiple step mashes. Low protein and glucane levels also make for easy clarification and high extraction efficiency.


Because of its high enzymatic activity, this kilned malt can be used for up to 100% of the grain bill in all beer types.



Key specifications
Colour EBC: 
All types of beer
Grain bill: 
Up to 100%